Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's Day 2011!

  Father And Son

You're standing in the doorway.
Your workday is all done.
He waits to see you everyday,
this boy that is your son.

He hopes you will go fishing.
He hopes you'll shoot the gun.
He just wants to be with you,
this boy that is your son.

He is your spitting image.
To him you are ''The One''.
He hopes to be just like you,
this boy that is your son.

You show him what a man is.
You teach as you have fun.
You are admired as well as loved
by this boy that is your son.

You've got a friend forever.
Until the world is done.
Then, still you will be holding
this man that is your son.
- Mary Nagy

 It's so crazy to me that when you meet your husband for the first time, you think about dating, kissing, maybe holding hands. But when your husband becomes your husband your life changes. You are bound to this person til' death do you part. He is your best freind and your everything and you begin to think about life in general and where it will take you. Then you have a son. A son who looks just like your husband and you watch they way they interact. The play together, read books together, and they make corky noises together. Your once best friend is now shared...with your son. I love my guys in every way and I am thankful that my husband is such a wonderful daddy and best friend to Travis. Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

OId songs that make us remember the old times :)

 Top 15 Songs that bring back memories! (In no order)

1. Allure- All Cried Out

2. Montell Jordan- This Is How We Do It

3. 112- Peaches and Cream

4. Notorious BIG- Juciy

5. Ice Cube- We Be Clubbin!

6. Sisqo- The Thong Song

7. Ginuwine- Pony

8. Too Short- Get in Where You Fit In

9. Marilyn Manson- The Beautiful People

10. Kurupt- We Can Freak It

11. Wu Tang Klan- Da Rockwilder

12. Brandy and Monica- That Boy is Mine

13. TLC- No Scrubs

14. Keith Sweat- Twisted

15. Coolio- Gangsta's Paradise

Carron and I have been best buddies forever, it seems, and tonight we came up with a list that reminds us of the old times...growing up together, playing basketball, and getting in trouble :) Just kidding! Funny how when these songs came out and we listened to them, then, and now they are on our Top 15 songs that remind us of the past!

Carron and Robin June 17, 2011 @ 12:52am :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Teething around here!

Here we have Travis napping off a fever while teething :( Those poor gums are sore and are in need of some love. I feel so bad for the kids while they are teething. You know, they say that if adults had to go through the teething process, we wouldn't be able to handle it! Agreed! 
 Travis couldn't get enough of this watermelon! The coldness feels good on his gums as he knaws on it for a while. Who cares how messy he got! The kids needs cold on him gums!
And here, we have yet another picture of famous pacifier! So this "passy" seems to be one of the only ways to calm him down when his mouth is hurting! We have bought tons of passy's, but we can only find one at a time. Whether it's a ball on his head or a passy in his mouth, so be it! Come on teeth, hurry up!!

My advice for other mommies out there with baby's who are teething: Do whatever it takes! Really. Do whatever makes them feel better..and for dessert: hugs, kisses, and tickles should do the trick! :) Good luck fellow mama's!